A CTM tutorial

The new compact textual syntax for Topic Maps being standardized by ISO, CTM, is now approaching stability, and so Lars Marius Garshol thought it would be good to provide a little tutorial on it to show people what the syntax looks like in the current draft.

Program of TMRA 2008 published

Lutz Maicher has announced the TMRA 2008 program.

A bunch of exciting submissions allowed us to put together a very interesting program for the two conference days. The topics of the talks within the two parallel tracks cover a wide range form very technical aspects to applications. Besides this, the open space sessions will give us an idea of the papers which will be presented at the next years conferences.Read more


Topic maps in near-real time

Sam Hunting "Q and A"s his way through a topic map application in Drupal.

Putting it all in context: Context and Large-Scale Information Sharing with Topic Maps

This paper follows up from an initial note drafted by Andrew Townley as a result of discussions held during Pensive's research and developer boot camp held in Vienna in July 2007.Read more

SDShare: Protocol for the Syndication of Semantic Descriptions

This document describes a protocol for the exchange of semantic descriptions. It defines how a RESTful web service can publish a series of web accessible feeds that describe snapshots and changes to collections of semantic descriptions. This protocol also defines how a client should process those feeds so that a local store is in sync. A client can synchronize with more than one server to act as an aggregator for semantic descriptions.


Yorgos has announced the availability of FreeTM, a web-based simple Topic Maps editor.

FreeTM is a Free Topic Map Editor, based on GWTM (Topic Maps for GWT) library, that uses tinyTIM library for handling and storing Topic Maps on the server.
FreeTM is developed by the Departments of Electronics, TEI Thessalonikis, Greece and it is free to be used for Topic Maps editing.

GTM Updates

Lars Marius Garshol has updated the GTM homepage with 3 recent presentations.


CXTM Test Suite 0.1

Lars Marius Garshol announced that "We now finally have a release of the first version of the CXTM-based test suite for Topic Maps engines. It consists of 293 tests using four different syntaxes: XTM 2.0, CTM, LTM 1.3, and TM/XML. The tests have been verified using two different Topic Maps engines (OKS and tinyTIM), and should be reasonably reliable even at this early stage."


Perl TM now supports XTM

Robert Barta has added XTM support to Perl TM now at version 1.41.

During the last days I have added - without much enthusiasm, mind you - XTM support, for versions 1.0, 2.0 (and the intermediate 1.1). Especially 1.0 is cumbersome programming. Let's thank the XTM editors for the much simpler version 2. Support means deserialization and serialization, so you should be able to create valid XML instances in all the above flavors.