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About is a site dedicated to promoting the use of topic maps. It covers many of the contributions made by researchers and vendors within the topic maps community. It has been running since 2000.

The site is primarily maintained by me, Murray Woodman. I was first drawn into the topic maps around 1999 whilst working for a legal publisher. We had some hard questions to answer and topic maps seemed to provide the answers. The only problem was that the tools available were fairly thin on the ground :) I was lucky enough to be given the chance to work at Ontopia during 2000 where I had a hand in developing the Ontopia Topic Map Navigator. Since then I have not been directly involved in the TM world although I'm still very interested in the progress of the various standards and the development of topic maps technology in general.

For many years I attempted to keep up with the flow of announcements on the mailing lists. However, with the introduction of Planet TopicMaps and feed aggregation this service is less useful so I have eased off on adding announcements to the blog. Check out the Firehose page for an aggregated view of the latest news items. This site now concentrates on documenting all of the presentations, papers, people and organizations in the Topic Maps world.

Alexander Johannesen is also a contributor to this site. Thanks Alexander for coming aboard.

If you have any information which may be appropriate for the site, please contact me.

Murray Woodman