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Site archived

This site faithfully documented the Topic Maps community for a good many years. It hasn't been kept up to date for a long time now. This partly reflects a slow down in the output of the community as well as a lack of time to give it the attention it deserves.

From today on the comments section of the site has been shutdown, probably to the chagrin of spammers and no one else.

The site will remain online and will serve as a historical document to the years when activity in TMs was at its highest.Read more

Move to Drupal

It wasn't that long ago I reported that had moved across to WordPress as its blogging and content management platform. WordPress proved to be quite an easy system to set up and configure with lots of great themes and plugins. I was pretty happy with the way things turned out, however, was less less than enthused with some of the organisational aspects of the site. The use of taxonomy and categories could only get you so far, providing for the application of facets to posts.Read more

Ontopia 5.0.0 Released

Lars Marius Garshol has announced the release Ontopia 5.0.0, the first version in its open source incarnation.

The Ontopia project has just released the first version of the open  source Topic Maps toolkit Ontopia, earlier known as the Ontopia  Knowledge Suite. This release is based on OKS 4.1.0, but has seen a  number of new features and bug fixes.

Congratulations to all involved.


Web Identity Crisis: Topic Maps and RDF

I have been working my way through the "identity crisis" on the web, trying to get my head around how I can get a system to work with both RDF and TMs. In a nutshell I'm interested in creating XTM and RDF feeds out of a CMS which will have some knowledge subject indicators. I'm expecting users to use a lookup service (Sindice or similar) or manually enter URLs to equate subjects in the system (tags, categories, pages, posts) with public subjects outside (wikipedia, PSI repositories, linked data). What will be the identity of these URIs though? I don't want to dwell on the pros and cons of the various solutions. I'm mainly interested in how I can pick URIs which will work in both systems. Maybe you can help.Read more

Topic Maps timeline

The Simile timeline widget has been incorporated into the site so that it is now possible to see a timeline of 10 years of topic maps history. I've included all news, resources, tools and organisations. It can a bit crowded, especially around conference times but for the most part it works pretty well. Some of the dates are a bit dodgy - in many cases I just had to guess a year and set it to Jan 1. If you have any changes please let me know.Read more

XTM feed now has Wikipedia identifiers

I have configured the WP2TM WordPress plugin to include subject identifiers for each of the tags which have an entry in Wikipedia. This should help with any efforts to link the data in the xtm feed. There still are a lot of gaps though! I might go back and fill in the vendors and other popular tags another day.

Update: The XTM feed is no longer available since the move to Drupal. However, most entities have an identifier now. MW 20090728

QuaaxTM core implements PHPTMAPI 2.0

Johannes Schmidt has just updated QuaaxTM core which now implements PHPTMAPI 2.0. The SVN is now available including a test suite.


Topic Maps Wordle

I've been working away at bringing the site up to speed for the last few days. I reckon that I'm almost done now and so to throw a little celebration I thought that I'd make a Wordle of the tags on more

Ontopia source now available

Lars Marius Garshol has announced the availability of the Ontopia source code!

We have now started loading the Ontopia source code into Subversion over at the Ontopia Google Code project. So far, what we have is the Java source code for the product plus the tests. We also have a guide to building the code.

Announcer: available in XTM

I have just installed the Wordpress Topic Maps plugin for WordPress and it appears to be pumping out an XTM feed quite nicely. Cool! All I need to do now is configure some PSIs for the tags (oh joy) and tidy up the display of the link a bit. The map will improve over time as I slice and dice my way through some of the static content remaining on the site.

Thank you Trond K. Pettersen.Read more