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Topincs - Topic Maps authoring and storing

By murray - Posted on 24 May 2006

Robert Cerny announced the release of Topincs, a Topic Map authoring tool.

It's biggest asset is, that a group of people can collaboratively create a Topic Map over a set of computers that are able to communicate over HTTP, one of them acting as a server. It makes excessive use of technologies, now popular under the buzzword AJAX. The "web page" is loaded only once, all other communication with the server is invisible. It uses a database with a schema according to the Topic Maps Data Model for storage and uses a format, i call JTM for (JSON Topic Maps), which is perfect in a web browser environment and basically just an object notation of the TMDM. For more on JSON, the fat-free alternative to XML, visit Topincs uses the HTTP protocol how it was originally intended in a RESTful way, thus taking advantage of the free goodies, authorizationuthentication, caching and the optional security.