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Norwegian Computer Society meeting about Ontopia

By murray - Posted on 21 August 2009

Are D. Gulbrandsen announced an upcoming meeting discussing Ontopia case studies and future development.

Just want to make sure that everybody knows that the Topic Maps group
within The Norwegian Computer Society organize a meeting about Ontopia
and the Open Source process tuesday 25 aug. The language will be
Norwegian, but I'm sure some of the people taking part will blog about
this in english.

We will have two very interesting Ontopia case-studies (killer apps?)
and a general overview over Ontopia and the Open Source process on the

Bergen's Citizens Portal
By Ragnar Bøe (Bergen kommune) and Lars Marius Garshol (Bouvet)

The City of Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, and developed
the first City Portal in Norway based on Topic Maps. In the local
government sector, it represents a new method of combining business
processes with Topic Maps. It also represents a new and ambitious
method in the public sector to publish news, information, and
documents by using the advantages of Topic Maps. Integration and
standardization of topics and associations in local and central
government lead to productive new ways of seeking information
regardless of which portal the citizen prefers to use. It is supposed
to be the main point of contact between a citicen and the city

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) School service
By Per Magnus Løvold (NRK) and Geir Ove Grønmo (Bouvet)

I hope somebody will blog more in detail about this in english,
because this is a very interesting case of making sound and video
clips from the very large archive available as learning resources for
education in Norway. This would be good news, but even better is that
it is using the GREP Topic Maps based system, which will make it
possible to use sematic syndication of the content. - The official
Norwegian teaching curricula is modelled as Topic Maps in GREP.

The Ontopia 'Open Source' process
By Lars Marius Garshol