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InfoLoom,Inc. is a leading provider of knowledge networking solutions, worldwide. At InfoLoom we make things happen. We are now involved in proposing to our customers new and workable solutions for managing their information assets and participating to global knowledge interchange. We are now bringing together the knowledge management community with the information management community. We are starting to work on the new generation of the Web, the “Semantic Web”. We are active participants in the Topic Map standards. Our technology, the Topic Map Loom core, is used in our product range, aimed for executives, for webmasters and for enterprise users. These tools are compliant with the ISO 13250 Topic Map standard and with the XML Version 1.0 Specification, as well.”
“InfoLoom, Inc. has been founded by two partners: Dianne Kennedy, an information technologies consultant who plays a major role in helping the industry adopt and implement new technology standards and Michel Biezunski, co-editor of the ISO 13250 Topic Maps standard, and founding co-chair of the XTM specification. Michel Biezunski has designed and created the Topic Map Loom technology, a tool used to create and maintain easy-to-use topic maps.”