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Ontopia, The Topic Map Company(TM), is the world’s leading provider of generic topic map software. Its principals have been actively involved in developing and promoting the topic map paradigm for many years.”
“Ontopia’s flagship product, the Ontopia Knowledge Suite(TM), currently comprises a full-featured topic map engine that supports both the ISO 13250 and XML Topic Map (XTM) specifications, and the Ontopia Topic Map Navigator, a framework for building web-based topic map delivery applications. Ontopia technology provides added value to web portals, content management systems, knowledge-based intranet applications, and enterprise application integration.”

Ontopia has headquarters at Waldemar Thranes gt. 98, N-0175 Oslo, Norway. Tel: +47-23 23 30 80. Fax: +47-23 23 30 81.

Ontopia was acquired by Bouvet in March 2007.