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Enterprise Knowledge Integration Using Topic Maps

By murray - Posted on 03 April 2008

A telecommunications infrastructure such as those provided by Nokia Siemens Networks is a multifaceted mega-system consisting of hardware, software and related services which are continuously upgraded and extended. Huge amounts of information are required to support the system from planning to decommission.

Users of such a product rightly expect easy-to-use documentation, consistent navigation, and a powerful search facility on the product information portal. There is also a clear need for different views on the same information depending on the user’s role and the business context.

The current portal at Nokia Siemens Networks suffers from a number of problems in this respect. Nokia Siemens Networks is therefore carrying out a redesign of its online customer documentation delivery service using a combination of Topic Maps and SOA. The goal of the project is to build an information channel for distributing B2B product information and technical documentation in an extranet environment, covering the whole company product portfolio.

The project has shown that Topic Maps provide even more flexibility than what is needed in the versatile but well-defined and rigid information world of an enterprise, and that – along with the good current status of the project – is indicative of a bright future. However, the project is starting to have implications for knowledge integration across the whole enterprise. This presentation discusses the various challenges and findings in the project.