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Information Integration, Topic Maps and the Struggle for Peace

By murray - Posted on 03 April 2008

The International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO) employs many world class researchers whose task is to finding the driving forces behind violent conflict and investigating ways in which peace can be achieved and maintained. These researchers produce a lot of high quality information output in the form of research articles, books, reports, debates, seminars and teaching.

Information about this information (metadata), and often the information itself, needs to be made available in many different ways, both internally and externally, in order to accommodate complicated management and reporting needs, as well as dissemination of research output within the research community and to the general public.

PRIO recently replaced its information management systems and is today using SharePoint, EPiServer and Maconomy. The challenge facing the organization was to integrate these different information sources. The goal was to provide a sophisticated and user-friendly information management and publishing platform that would reflect and enhance the diversity, depth and quality of the organization’s work. This presentation outlines the key management objectives, shows how Topic Maps was able to deliver the solution, and discusses what this entailed for the organization itself.