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Real World Topic Maps

By murray - Posted on 01 January 2004

Every once in a while there is a request for real world examples of topic map applications on one of the topic map mailing lists. This list doesn’t pretend to be be complete in any way as there is no way to know everything that people have done with TMs. It will, however, attempt, to keep track of the examples people have posted to the lists. You might also want to see the Wiki for more.
Real World Applications of Topic Maps
“… this paper will present a real-world application of the topic map model in use at a real company. The application includes a parts management system and IETM . The paper will discuss the application and highlight the successes and challenges encountered in designing and implementing the system.”
“… An e-learning-server for physics, computer science and mathematics for higher education. The navigation is based on topic maps in XML (XTM).”

Map Development Area (MDA)
Used in a university context.
Norwegian Portals

Topic Map World
All things TM related.
XML Schema
A topic map of the XML Schema standard, mostly harvested from the standard documents themselves

TM4J Documentation
documentation of the TM4J project

If you have anymore to add to the list please send them in.