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Semantic Interoperability: The State of the Union (Europe)

By murray - Posted on 03 April 2008

This session forms part of the track on Semantic Interoperability in eGovernment.

Peter Brown, from, will provide a general overview of relevant initiatives and research into semantic interoperability in the European Union. The focus of the presentation will be on the eGovernment Resources Network, which uses Topic Maps to provide a solution for public officials wanting to share information or resources about a particular project (whether it be a requirements study, a piece of code or a fully deployed eService).

Marco Aarts from the Dutch ICTU-foundation will present the “Overheid heeft Antwoord” programme which has defined XML and Dublin Core-based standards for government metadata. These controlled vocabularies consist of terms that represent entities and often have relations of their own. To manage these entities and relations ICTU is investigating the applicability of semantic technologies to represent this information as a “Government Knowledge Map”. The presentation will focus on how a knowledge model based on open standards can add value to metadata.