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Subject-Centric Content Syndication with Topic Maps

By murray - Posted on 03 April 2008

This presentation illustrates the benefits of applying a subject-centric approach to content syndication by presenting two different cases studies.

The Norwegian Doctors Association uses Topic Maps to structure and syndicate content from as many as 89 unstructured content providers/sources. This case study focuses on the use of modern web technologies to get from unstructured content to structured content, and how Topic Maps in combination with common web technologies can build a simple and flexible framework for content syndication and presentation.

The National Association of Private Nurseries (Private Barnehagers Landsforbund) uses Topic Maps to enable a user-centric design, translate across different taxonomies, and syndicate structured data between multiple sites. This case study focuses on how to create user-centric taxonomies for both the general public and professionals within the organisation and discusses how to build dynamic translations between sites that are based on different taxonomies.

Both solutions use a common framework of modern web technologies and RSS to create a semantic web for the end users.