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Wikipedia - A Democratic Gold Standard for Topic Maps

By murray - Posted on 23 March 2009

Vegard Sandvold argues that Wikipedia serves as an excellent source of PSIs. This seems to be the route the Linked Data crowd are going with DBPedia forming the hub of their system.

I believe Topic Maps can draw benefits from Wikipedia’s democratic mechanisms, by making Wikipedia the universal authority of Topic Map PSI’s. If your topic map needs a new topic, check for an existing article on Wikipedia. If it doesn’t exist, author a new article, and use it’s URL as your new topic PSI.

Steve Pepper comments that he thinks disambiguation is problematic:

For Wikipedia URIs to be able to function as PSIs Wikipedia must explicitly designate one URI as the canonical URI for each subject, otherwise users won’t know which one to use.

as well as being possibly culturally biased towards English:

I for one would not be comfortable for English to become the default, because of the cultural bias this involves.